Painting is more about the act of painting than about specific imagery. When I paint from nature I am given colors and shapes and relationships that turn into painting.

The experience of everything fitting together, of having a dialogue with myself, translating what I see into marks made with a brush, making it something else, not rendering, not reproducing, working directly from life with constantly changing color and light is all painting.

I paint the shadow a plant casts on my paper, it changes so quickly it's like I can feel the earth moving. Watercolors mix with each other in surprising ways on paper. The amount of water, pigment, the combination of colors, the texture and weight of the paper, all change unpredictably.

I look at something, I paint it while I am looking at it, and it changes because of the light and the wind. I paint from the life around me. My garden in Brooklyn. The landscape and plants and flowers in Connecticut. Patterns in nature. Negative spaces, like between leaves on trees. The brightness of colors in sunlight. Amazing life that springs from
the earth.